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Advent Calendar 2021 by The Scouts and Guides of Finland

The Scouts’ Advent Calendar Illustration 2021

The Scouts’ Advent Calendar 2021 is illustrated by Christel Rönns. You can find multiple intriguing details from this delightful calendar image. Community spirit is present as the inhabitants and furry friends of a suburb prepare for Christmas.

Christel Rönns is a popular children’s book illustrator and chose a wintery town scene as a setting for this year’s calendar story.

”I like old suburbs a lot and therefore chose this setting. At best, suburbs tend to have a very warm and cozy atmosphere where neighbors know each other and stop by to have a chat. I wanted to include this relaxed and friendly atmosphere”, Christel shares some background behind her artwork.

You can also spot multiple delightful animals from the illustration. ”I like animals and have realized that they tend to bring people together too. I walk frequently with my dog and have noticed that with it it’s easier to get to know people. In the suburb where I live, we occasionally have a horse and sleigh visiting before Christmas”, Christel says.

Christel Rönns ja vuoden 2021 partiolaisten adventtikalenteri
Photo: Christel Rönns’ home album

Getting ready for the Xmas Spirit

There are multiple ways to start mentally preparing for the festive season. For many Finns and friends of Finland, the Scouts’ Advent Calendar is one of the first traditional steps towards the holiday season.

Acquiring a calendar from a young Guide or Scout brings joy to the purchaser but also for the seller. Selling calendars is a great way for kids to learn about fundraising and communicating with versatile customers. This yearly campaign is a joint effort by guides and scouts all around Finland and of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone can take part and have some fun while doing it!

Opening the calendar doors every day after the first advent is a delightful way of approaching Xmas. This year you can also practice your Finnish and/or Swedish skills by listening to the Xmas story that will be published every Advent Sunday, both as an audio story and a written text.

Partiolaisten adventtikalenteri 2021 piirretty kuva
The Scouts’ Advent Calendar 2021. Illustraror: Christel Rönns


The lovely way of preparing for Finnish style Xmas

The Advent Calendar has been part of the Finnish Christmas for seven decades. Finnish Guides brought the calendar tradition to our country from Sweden in 1947. Thereafter, the Advent Calendar of the Guides and Scouts of Finland has appeared every year. Over the decades, it has gained a permanent place in the Christmas traditions and hearts of Finns.

Now you too can bring a part of Finnish Xmas to your home – even if you live abroad! Buy the advent calendar directly from our online store and get it delivered directly to your address.


The Scouts Advent Calendars are available for purchase starting from the 15th of October 2021. These traditional calendars bring the Christmas spirit to your home. You can buy them directly from Guides and Scouts all around Finland or from the webshop From the webshop, you can order calendars internationally and also as a gift for your friends who live abroad. 

By buying a calendar from the Guides and Scouts of Finland you are supporting local kids and youth. The majority of proceeds of the campaign are used by the local scouts’ troops.

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