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Ninka Reittu illustrates the Advent Calendar of the year 2022

Advent Calendar illustrated by Ninka Reittu takes us to a snowy wonderland

Ninka Reittu, the illustrator of this year’s Advent Calendar for the Scouts, wanted to create a Christmassy scene full of detail to bring joy to children.

The atmospheric scene of the Advent Calendar features domestic and wild animals out in a winter yard. The seed for the idea was planted already last winter.

“Last winter was really cold and we had almost a metre of snow. This got my children and I thinking about how animals in nature survive a harsh winter,” says Ninka Reittu. These thoughts inspired the idea for the Advent Calendar.

“Helping others and taking care of nature and animals were a natural choice for the theme of the illustration,” says Reittu.

Ninka Reittu is a popular children’s author and comic artist whose works include Ystäväni Pulla Vehnänen (‘Tully and Roly the Pony’) and the illustrations for the Prinsessa Pikkiriikki (‘Itty Bitty Princess’) series.

Advent Calendar a cherished childhood tradition

It was a joy and an honour for Reittu to be asked to create this year’s Advent Calendar for the Guides and Scouts of Finland. The Scouts’ Advent Calendar is part of her childhood memories of the days leading up to Christmas.

“It feels like it’s always been there. It’s wonderful that the calendar has such a long history and roots that run deep in Finnish Christmas traditions. It was a cherished tradition at least back in my childhood family.”

During Christmas time, Reittu appreciates having all her loved ones under one roof and also celebrating the turn of the year towards spring. Thanks to her own children, the magic of Christmas is also present in the Christmas celebrations.

“I’m looking forward to Santa’s visit just as much as the kids are,” says Reittu with a laugh.


Kuvittaja Ninka Reittu käsissään uusi partiolaisten adventtikalenteri

Joy and fun for children

Reittu enjoys becoming absorbed in a story and its world while working. She wanted the illustration of the Advent Calendar to be Christmassy and full of detail so that children have plenty of things to look at and discover. The yard featured on the calendar resembles an old vicarage where she herself has lived.

“I try to see the world through the eyes of a child. I want to bring fun and joy to children through my work.”

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Part of the Finnish Christmas for seven decades

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