This year’s illustration takes you to a winter wonderland

A red cabin stands in the middle of the snowy landscape. The animals of the forest have gathered to watch as Santa prepares the sleigh. The wonderful Christmas illustration of the advent calendar has been conjured this year by Ninka Reittu.

Ninka Reittu is a popular children’s author and cartoonis. She also illustrated the beautiful advent calender last year.

The advent calendar comes to life

Illustrating the advent calendar does not mean just drawing one picture, but a whole story is formed around the picture. The story of the advent calendar comes alive when new details are revealed under each door.

The scouts’ Christmas story is also based on the illustration of the advent calendar. This year’s Christmas story “Ladybug, who wanted to see Christmas” tells about the little Ladybug Keijo, who decides to see Christmas with it’s own eyes instead of hibernation. A new part of the continuation story appears every Advent Sunday. The Christmas story is published in Finnish and Swedish

The illustration of the calendar is a long-term job

The plans for this years advent calendar had started already even before all of the doors of the previous calendar had been opened. The advent calendar is undeniably one of the most important products for scouts. It requires precise and long-term planning, and the illustrator has precise instructions for implementation each year. For example, certain doors have the same topics every year and those waiting for Christmas expect to see them.

The sale of the 2023 advent calendar starts on October 15. The online store and sales locations can be found at